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Diddy Kong Racing is a series of racing video games developed by Rare and published by Nintendo (note that only Nintendo holds the copyrights for the series) and it's a spin-off of the Donkey Kong series, since stars Diddy Kong. It is often considered part of the Donkey Kong series instead, but since it never references Donkey Kong and has a totally indipendent storyline, it can be considered a series on its own.

Only two games have been released:

  • Diddy Kong Racing (November 21, 1997), Nintendo 64.
  • Diddy Kong Racing DS (February 5, 2007), Nintendo DS. A remake of the original game.

A line of action figures based on the game was released by Toy Biz in 1999, including Diddy Kong, Banjo and Wizpig.

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Double Arrow L

Donkey Kong19971121 November 21, 1997Diddy Kong Racing is a spinoff of the Donkey Kong series.


Arrow L & R

Banjo-Kazooie19971121 November 21, 1997Banjo is selectable in Diddy Kong Racing; Tiptup makes appearances in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie; The cancelled Diddy Kong Pilot was remade into Banjo-Pilot.1

4Arrow L Conker19971121 November 21, 1997Conker is selectable in Diddy Kong Racing.1

4Arrow L Killer Instinct (Rare)19971121 November 21, 1997The logo of Killer Instinct can be seen on walls in Diddy Kong Racing.2

5Arrow R Mario199801 January 1998T.T. from Diddy Kong Racing appears in the Mario comic Sag niemals Holerö!.

5Arrow R Jet Force Gemini19991011 October 11, 1999Jet Force Jemini features Greenwood Village from Diddy Kong Racing as an unlockable track.1

5Arrow R Mickey Mouse20001113 November 13, 2000Greenwood Village from Diddy Kong Racing is featured in the code for Mickey's Speedway USA, though unused.51

5Arrow R Battletoads2001 2001The cancelled Battletoads Game Boy Advance game was going to feature elements from the cancelled Diddy Kong Pilot.53