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A Light Yagami

Light Yagami, The Main Character of the series

Death Note is a anime/manga series by Shueisha and Shonen Jump.


Death Note (December 2003-May 2006)


Death Note (October 3rd 2006-June 26th 2007)


Death Note (June 17th 2006)

Death Note 2: The Last Name (October 28th 2006)

L: Change the World (February 9th 2008)

Death Note (2017)

Video Games

Death Note Kira's Game (February 15th 2007) for Nintendo DS

Death Note: Successor to L (February 7th 2008) for Nintendo DS

L the ProLogue to Death Note: Spiraling Trap (February 7th 2008) for Nintendo DS

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Mario20040702 July 02, 2004The sixteenth chapter of Death Note features a reference to Mario Golf.

5Arrow R Hayate the Combat Butler200410 October 2004The seventh chapter of Hayate the Combat Butler features a Death Note.1

5Arrow R Full Metal Panic!2005 2005In an episode of Full Metal Panic! characters from Death Note appear.1

5Arrow R Gintama20061005 October 05, 2006Ryuk appears as a cameo near the end of an episode of Gintama.1

5Arrow R Jump Series20061123 November 23, 2006Death Note characters are playable characters in the series.1

5Arrow R Smosh20120120 January 20, 2012Ian finds a Death Note in REAL DEATH NOTE!.2

5Arrow R Assassination Classroom20140304 March 04, 2014In Chapter 63 of the Assassination Classroom manga, Fuwa imagines herself fighting Ryuk from Death Note.2