This page explains in detail the interactions between the Dance Dance Revolution series and the Mario series.

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix


Luigi dancing against Wario.

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Dance Dance Revolution6 Dash Mario

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, known as Dance Dance Revolution with Mario in Japan and Dancing Stage: Mario Mix in Europe, is a Dance Dance Revolution game featuring Mario themes, and is considered part of both series, thus being a format crossover between the two.

The game features Mario and Luigi as the playable characters, and a story mode in the style of Mario games, where Waluigi tries to steal the powerful Music Keys, capable of granting him every wish, but is only able to keep one of them, while the other are scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom, so is up to Mario or Luigi to retrive them. The story takes place in five different worlds: World 1 is the sorroundings of Muffle Towers, where the Music Keys were held, and is an average Mushroom Kingdom zone; World 2 is a two island area, and takes place partly underwater; World 3 is an amusement park; World 4 is a frozen zone; World 5 is Bowser's castle.

Toad is featured as the protagonist's assistant, while Toadette, Shy Guys and Lakitus appear in minor supporting roles. Unplayable rival dancers met in Story Mode are Waluigi (World 1 Boss), a Pirate Lakitu, Hammer Bros. and Wario (World 3 Boss). Also, a giant Blooper represents the World 2 Boss, while Bowser is the World 5 boss, though the game technically doesn't consider them characters, since they're part of the background (in fact the game is not in split screen while fighting them in Story Mode, and they're still there in Free Mode).

The basic gameplay is the same as in the classic Dance Dance Revolution games, but features the new "Mush Mode", with Mario enemies and items appearing along the arrows on screen as extra challenges. Before each round featuring Mush Mode items, an explanaition is given onscreen. These are:


The game also includes Mario themed minigames, that are:


The game features 29 playable songs, 21 of which are from Nintendo games. Not counting one from Wrecking Crew, one from Yoshi's Cookie, one from Donkey Kong, one from Wario World, and one from the Famicom Disk System software, there are 16 songs from Mario games. These are:

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix walkthrough - Credits

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix walkthrough - Credits

Credit roll after completing the game as Luigi.

The game also features the original unaltered Super Mario Bros. theme as the credits song. During the credits, the player can dance to it as in a regular stage, but the game doesn't show the points and the song is not unlocked, so the only way to play it is winning the game each time.


Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix was created by a collaboration between Dance Dance Revolution's company Konami and Mario's company Nintendo.