This page explains in detail the interactions between the Cyber (Namco) series and the Galaxian series.

Cyber Commando

Cyber Commando UGSF

Screenshot from Cyber Commando. The top row reads: "Flash override From: UGSF HQ NY".


Cyber (Namco)4Arrow L Galaxian

In Cyber Commando the player takes on the role of a government agent who must destroy the rebel space colony "Uranusu" and the game's intro screen says the order to come from the UGSF, the UGSF being an organization originally from Galaxian 3. It also seems to imply its headquarters to be in New York, since it reads "UGSF HQ NY".

Note that this reference also contributes the Cyber series to take place in the UGSF universe (see UGSF Timeline).


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