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To read about any crossover, cameo or reference between two series,
search for the name of the two series with an uppercase "X" between them.
For example to read about interactions between the Mario series and the Zelda series,
look for Mario X Zelda. (It reads "Mario cross Zelda")

NOTE: This Wiki is not about fanfiction or mods,
but about official cameos and crossovers!

If you want to know fully how crossovers work on this Wiki,
be sure to read the pages in the Crossover rules category,
notably the Series and Link pages.

Did you know...
  • ...that cartoon series based on various arcade games were featured in the Saturday Supercade, and characters from the various series met one another during bumpers between episodes? On the right is Donkey Kong meeting Pitfall Harry. (read more...)
Crossover News
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Connected series
Each series that crossed over to another one has its own article featuring some basic information, a list of releases and, most importantly, a list of links to other series. To learn more detailed information about a single series, check out the links to series specific wikis in each page.
Would you believe that all these series are connected to each other through subsequent crossovers?

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Link pages
Link pages explain in detail every crossover that happened between two series and are named [Series A] X [Series B]. (For example the page Wario X Zelda lists all crossovers that happened between the Wario series and the Zelda series). Links are classified in three types on this wiki:
Elements from the two series physically interact.
BBT Batman.jpg
Elements from a series appear as fictional within another series.
Elements from a series are only ideally linked to another series.

Partner Wiki

If you're interested in crossovers, you also might wanna take a look at our partner Wiki, the Tommy Westphall Wiki, a site dedicated entirely to the Tommy Westphall Universe.

Feel like editing?

You're welcome to add any cameo or crossover that you know of to an existing series page or making a new series or link article:

You can find boxes for other type of pages here.

Check the Wanted Pages to find the most needed pages.

You can follow an existing page's formula, like Mario or other pages in the series category. Also you might want to read the series page to see what we consider a series.

If you want to write about a crossover or reference between two series you can follow the existing links pages. Also you might want to read the link page to see how to properly classify these links.

The goal of this project is to create a chain of crossovers between series, so it is best to start from existing series and expand in any direction trough in-universe links, but still, you can add everything you want to.

You're also free to add some extra information about single series, just don't go too deep with them, since every series' page has a link to the specific Wiki. Concentrate on giving the basic information, or information useful to fully understand the crossovers between series.