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A norn, the primary creature breed of the series.

Creatures is an artificial life computer program series, created in the mid-1990s by English computer scientist Steve Grand whilst working for the Cambridge video games developer Millennium Interactive. Gameplay focuses on raising alien creatures known as Norns, teaching them to survive, helping them explore their world, defending them against other species, and breeding them.

There are 8 main titles in the series, with a ninth currently in development. There are also 6 game bundles featuring various combinations of Creatures games.

Video games

Main games

  • Creatures (November 11, 1996), Windows, PlayStation, GBA.
  • Creatures 2 (September 30, 1998), Windows.
  • Creatures Adventures (October 7, 1999), Linux, Windows, Macintosh.
  • Creatures 3 (November 4, 1999), Linux, Windows, Macintosh.
  • Docking Station (March 27, 2001), Linux, Windows, Macintosh.
  • Creatures Playground (November 11, 2000), Linux, Windows, Macintosh.
  • Creatures: Raised in Space (May 14, 2002), PlayStation.
  • Creatures Online (in development), Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android.


  • Creatures Trilogy. Includes Creatures, Creatures 2, and Creatures 3, as well as the Life Kit addons for the earlier games. 
  • Creatures Gold. Includes a bundle of Creatures 3Creatures 3 Update 2Docking Station, and a number of environment extras and tools (many with multilingual variants).
  • Creatures: The Albian Years. Includes Creatures and Creatures 2.
  • Creatures Exodus. Includes Creatures 3 and Docking Station, plus a selection of new Norn breeds on one disk.
  • Creatures Village. Includes Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground, merged and updated for improved Windows XP compatibility.
  • Creatures Triple Collection. Includes The Albian YearsCreatures Exodus and Creatures Village.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L MediEvil19961111 November 11, 1996On Albia, a picture of Zarok can be found under a windmill.
4Arrow L SilverLoad19961111 November 11, 1996On Albia, a picture of a stuffed vulture from SilverLoad can be found under a windmill.