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Counter-Strike is a first person shooter game series by Valve.

Video games

Counter-Strike (June 19th 1999) for Windows, Xbox, OS X, Linux

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (March 23rd 2004) for Windows, OS X, Linux

Counter-Strike: Source (November 1st 2004) for Windows, OS X, Linux

Counter-Strike: Global Offense (August 21st 2012) for Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Half-Life1999619 June 19, 1999There are Half-Life references in Counter-Strike.3

5Arrow R Left 4 Dead20081017 October 17, 2008Some of the areas in Left 4 Dead resemble areas in Counter-Strike.3

5Arrow R Team Fortress20120815 August 15, 2012Team Fortress 2 features a promotional item from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and unlocked by pre-ordering the game.1

5Arrow R South Park2016921 September 21, 2016Counter-Strike was mentioned in the episode "Skank Hunt".2