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Commander Keen, the main character of the series

Commander Keen is a platform series by Id Software.

Video Games

Commander Keen (December 14th 1990) for PC

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Duke Nukem19910701 July 01, 1991In Duke Nukem, Dr. Proton taunts Duke Nukem and further brags how Commander Keen cannot escape his mine.1

5Arrow R Wolfenstein1992 1992The Official Hint Manual for Wolfenstein 3D confirms that Commander Keen is the grandson of Wolfenstein's B.J. Blazkowicz.1

5Arrow R Doom19940830 August 30, 1994In Doom II, Commander Keen can be found in the super-secret Doom II map, Level 32: Grosse, as an easter egg.3

5Arrow R Wacky Wheels19941007 October 07, 1994In Wacky Wheels, Dopefish appears at the start line after a special maneuver.1

5Arrow R Quake19971130 November 30, 1997In Quake II, Dopefish appears partly disemboweled, hanging on a hook.3

5Arrow R Jazz Jackrabbit19980413 April 13, 1998Jazz Jackrabbit 2 features a reference to the Dopefish.2

5Arrow R Anachronox20010627 June 27, 2001In Anachronox, Dopefish appears in one of the fish tanks on Rictus' ship.1

5Arrow R SiN20060510 May 10, 2006In SiN Episodes, Dopefish appears in numerous instances of secret areas.1

5Arrow R Dystopia (video game)20070225 February 25, 2007Dystopia, Dopefish appears in the Silo level.1

5Arrow R Minecraft20111111 November 11, 2011In Minecraft there is a language on the enchantment table as The Standard Galactic Alphabet, an original language, which came from Commander Keen.3