Club of Heroes

Club of Heroes.

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The Club of Heroes is a comic book by Disney.

The Club of Heroes are a fictional team,the members are: 

  • The Duck Avenger (Donald Duck)
  • Purple Butterfly (Gloria)
  • Red Bat (Fethry Duck)
  • Red Wasp
  • Super Daisy (Daisy Duck)
  • Super Goof(Goofy)
  • Super Gilly (Gilbert Goof)
  • Chief O'Hara under the identity of Ultracintra ("Cintra" being O'Hara's Brazilian name).

In the same story they recruit the Green Bat (Jose Carioca), and in later stories O'Hara just appears in his normal identity, as a sort of liaison.

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Double Arrow L

Donald Duck2008 2008Club of Heroes is a spin off of Donald Duck.1
4Arrow L Goofy2008 2008Goofy appear in Club of Heroes.1
4Arrow L Paperinick2008 2008Paperinick appear in Club of Heroes.1