This page explains in detail the interactions between the Clu Clu Land series and the Donkey Kong series.

DK: King of Swing

200524 February 4, 2005


Clu Clu Land5Arrow R Donkey Kong

DK: King of Swing and, in turn, its sequel DK: Jungle Climber feature a gameplay very similar to Clu Clu Land, that mainly consists of swinging across boards of pegs.

Additionally Bubbles, the main character from Clu Clu Land is even a playable character in King of Swing, unlocked after clearing Diddy Kong Mode and collecting all 24 medals, but she can only be used in Jungle Jam Events. Unlike the other characters in the game, that are redesigned in a cartoonish style, she appears in her original 8-bit sprites.

Donkey Konga 3

2005317 March 17, 2005


Clu Clu Land5Arrow R Donkey Kong

One of the unlockable 8-bit style tracks in the game is the main theme from Clu Clu Land.

See here for other songs featured in the game.


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