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Chucky the killler doll

Chucky, the main character of the series

Child's Play is a series by Untitled Artists about a killer doll named Chucky.


Child's Play (November 9th 1988)

Child's Play 2 (November 9th 1990)

Child's Play 3 (August 30th 1991)

Bride of Chucky (October 16th 1998)

Seed of Chucky (November 12th 2004)

Curse of Chucky (August 2nd 2013)

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(Chucky also appears in the 2014 Superbowl commercial for Radioshack along with many other 80's characters If you want to see it Click Here to see the page)

(Chucky also appears in the 2007 DirecTV Christmas Commercial along with other horror characters If you want to see it Click Here to see the page)

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Mario199605 May 1996A living doll very similar to Chucky is featured in the comic Super Mario in Die Nacht des Grauens - Part 1.

5Arrow R Monster Rancher19990225 February 25, 1999The monster species "Wracky" from Monster Rancher 2 is inspired by Chucky.3



Hack/Slash20070314 March 14, 2007Hack/Slash vs. Chucky is a crossover between the two series.1

5Arrow R Splatterhouse20101123 November 23, 2010In the 2010 Splatterhouse Phase Two: "The Meat Factory", Rick can spot an inanimate Chucky-like toy under a bed, next to a bloodied knife.3

5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic20111220 December 20, 2011The Nostalgia Critic reviews Child's Play.2



MOBA Legends20161021 October 21, 2016Chucky appears as a Legend in the game MOBA Legends1