This page explains in detail the interactions between the Chibi-Robo! series and the Wrecking Crew series.


20050623 June 23, 2005


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ChibiRobo EggplantMan

The Eggplant Man enemy from Wrecking Crew makes an appearance in the game, and in the North American version of the game he's renamed Kid Eggplant. For this reason many consider him only a character based on Eggplant Man, rather than actually him, but his name in the original Japanese version is the same ("Nasubi Kamen", Masked Eggplant), so it's in fact the actual Eggplant Man.

After introducing himself as Kid Eggplant, he thanks Chibi-Robo by turning him into an eggplant identical to him, but after he doesn't like it, he changes him back and then gives him the Super Eggplant instead. Kid Eggplant then runs away in the same running style as in Wrecking Crew.

Kid Eggplant is one of the three treasures Captain Plankbeard is searching for. The other two also are cross-series references (Primopuel and Tamagotchi).


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