This page explains in detail the interactions between the Chibi-Robo! series and the Primopuel series.


20050623 June 23, 2005


Chibi-Robo4Arrow L Primopuel

ChibiRobo Primopuel

Primopuel makes an appearance in the game as a plush doll found in a toy piano, and Chibi-Robo has to give it to Mr. Sanderson to make him happy, and then it can be played with to obtain its sticker. Much like the real life toy, it can talk and move a little.

Note that unlike many toys in the game, Primopuel doesn't come to life when the humans are not around, it just acts like an interactive toy, so it's still considered a fictional character within the game's world, making this a type 2 link, and not a type 1 link.

Primopuel is one of the three treasures Captain Plankbeard is searching for. The other two also are cross-series references (Kid Eggplant and Tamagotchi).


When first announced, Chibi-Robo! was going to be published by Bandai, so it seems likely that they included Primopuel early in the game's development, and kept it after production passed on to Nintendo. This was authorized by Bandai since the end credits cite the company in the character copyrights.