This page explains in detail the interactions between the Chef (G&W) series and the Mario series.

Game & Watch Gallery 2

1997927 September 27, 1997


Chef (G&W)4Arrow L Mario


Artwork for "Modern" Chef.

In "Modern" Chef the chef is replaced with Peach who must catch on a frying pan the food that Mario and Luigi throw at her. A Yoshi constantly follows Peach, eating the food thrown, and if it eats enough, it will lay an egg, then after eating more the egg will hatch and a Baby Yoshi will come out and take the place of the previous Yoshi. If the Baby Yoshi eats enough food, it will grow into an adult Yoshi, restarting the cicle. At 200, 500 and 700 points, the Mario brothers will throw a 1-Up Heart that removes a miss if catched by Peach or Yoshi. Note that the official artwork for this game shows a Toad waiting to eat Peach's food, but no Toads actually appear in the game. It also shows Peach wearing a chef toque, while she seem to be wearing her regular crown in-game.

Game & Watch Gallery Advance

20021025 October 25, 2002


Chef (G&W)4Arrow L Mario

The "Modern" version of Chef is the same that was in Game & Watch Gallery 2, only with improved graphics and new types of food, but all refereces to the Mario series are retained, including Baby Yoshi and 1-Up Hearts. A new feature is the background changing from the kitchen to a garden and then back to the kitchen every 200 points, not affecting the gameplay however.


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