Castle Crasher

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Castle Crashers is a beat'em up four player game by The Behemoth.

Video Games

Castle Crashers (August 27th 2008) for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Mac

Links to Other Series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Alien Hominid20080827 August 27, 2008You fight the Aliens from Alien Hominid in The Spaceship level in "Castle Crashers".1

5Arrow R Super Meat Boy20101020 October 20, 2010The Pink Knight is an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy.1

5Arrow R Assassin's Creed20101116 November 16, 2010Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood features a reference to Castle Crashers in a memory's name.3

5Arrow R Minecraft20120824 August 24, 2012Minecraft for Xbox 360 features four downloadable skins based on knights from Castle Crashers in Skin Pack 2 and two more skins in Skin Pack 4.2

5Arrow R BattleBlock Theater20130403 April 03, 2013The Knight is an unlockable character in BattleBlock Theater along. However only for a limited time Giraffey and The Troll were also unlockable.1

5Arrow R Guacamelee!20130409 April 09, 2013A Wanted Poster of The Castle Crashers appear in Guacamelee!.3

5Arrow R Dino Run20160519 May 19, 2016Dino Run DX features hats based on Castle Crashers characters.2

5Arrow R River City Ransom20170227 February 27, 2017The Red and Green Knights makes a cameo appearance in River City Ransom: Underground.1