This page explains in detail the interactions between the Captain Rainbow series and the Zelda series.

Captain Rainbow

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Captain Rainbow4Arrow L Zelda

CR Tracy

Artwork of Tracy from Captain Rainbow.

Captain Rainbow features many characters from old videogames who lost their popularity, and one of these is Crazy Tracy, a very minor character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, though here just referred to as Tracy. She resides in a mansion, usually found sitting on her throne, and is portrayed as assuming seductive behaviours, as well as constantly nibbling strawberry Pocky, which she keeps in her cleavage. Most of her role in the game however is about providing medicine to other characters, which reflects her role in the original game, where she would give Like her "secret" potion. Her dream in Captain Rainbow is to "enslave" all men in the world, and above her throne she keeps portraits of Mario and Link along with an (initially) empy portrait. Link's portrait is specifically taken from Twilight Princess.

CR portraits

Mario, Takamaru and Link's portraits in Captain Rainbow.

The player, controlling Nick, first has to take part in a quiz hosted by Tracy, then she plays a bigger part in Takamaru's mission. Takamaru needs a medicine that is in Tracy's possession to cure a Mimin, so Nick visits her, but first she is taking a shower, then after she's over, she gives Nick a letter to Takamaru, wanting to meet him in person. To be able to meet Tracy, Nick has to help Takamaru win his fear of women, and to do so he has to steal Tracy's bra from her drawer and give it to Takamaru so that he places it on his training dummy, to train in hugging it. Afterwards he also trains during meditation by hugging Tracy herself in his mind. With Nick's help Takamaru is finally able to climb the steps to Tracy's throne and talk to her, then she even asks him to kiss her shoe, but stops him at the last second as she sees he's man enough to swallow his pride. This makes Takamaru earn a place in the portraits over Tracy's throne, and she finally gives him the medicine.

Tracy then has a role in Lip's second mission, where Lip goes to her asking for some hayfever medicine.


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