This page explains in detail the interactions between the Captain Rainbow series and the Punch-Out!! series.

Captain Rainbow

CR LittleMac

Artwork of Little Mac from Captain Rainbow.

2008828 August 28, 2008


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Captain Rainbow features many characters from old videogames who lost their popularity, and one of these is Little Mac, who is depicted extremely fat.

CR LittleMac2

Little Mac after losing the right amount of weight.

After talking to him, the player has to make him return back into shape by training. The training consists in a boxing minigame, where the player must shake the wiimote or nunchuck to block Mac's punches, and the objective is to make him burn off the right amount of calories. If he looses too much he'll end up too slim and the player will have to try again.

Ironically, shortly after the release of Captain Rainbow, Little Mac starred in a brand new Punch-Out!! game for Wii.


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