This page explains in detail the interactions between the Captain N series and the Tetris series.

Captain N episode The Trouble With Tetris

Captain N - The Trouble With Tetris Part 1

Captain N - The Trouble With Tetris Part 1

First part of the episode.

19901013 October 13, 1990


Captain N4Arrow L Tetris

The fourth episode of season 2 (Episode #17) is about the N Team shipwrecking on the video world of Tetris. This is a world made of bricks and even the people are square shaped. Here Mother Brain and hes minions are after Tetris's power source, the Sacred Square, so the N Team must stop them. The keeper of the key to the Sacred Square also happens to be Princess Lana's brother, Lyle, so he momentairly joins the team.


Nintendo, that created Captain N, held the rights on the console versions of Tetris at the time of the released of Cptain N, so they were able to include elements from its series.