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Bubsy, the main character of the series

Bubsy is a paltform video game series by Accolade.

Video Games

Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (1993) for PC, Genesis, and SNES

Bubsy 2 (October 28th 1994) for Genesis, SNES, and Game Boy

Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales (December 1994) for Atari Jaguar

Bubsy 3D (November 25th 1996) for PlayStation


Bubsy (1993)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Plok20130823 August 23, 2013The comic Plok: The Exploding Man features references to Bubsy.2

5Arrow R Angry Video Game Nerd20131219 December 19, 2013The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Bubsy 3D in the episode "Wish List (Part 2)".2