Breaking Bad

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A Walter White

Walter White aka Heisenberg, the main character of the series

Breaking Bad is a show on AMC about a man who is dying of cancer and due to his family being poor, he makes a meth lab with Jesse and creates Blue Sky.


Breaking Bad (January 20th 2008 - September 29th 2013)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Resident Evil20110724 July 24, 2011Characters discuss Resident Evil in the Breaking Bad season 4 episode "Thirty-Eight Snub".2

4Arrow L Sonic20110807 August 07, 2011Breaking Bad episodes "Bullet Points", "Crawl Space" and "Hazard Pay" feature clips from Sonic games.2

5Arrow R Rage (Video Game)2011104 October 4, 2011In the game Rage, you could find Breaking Bad's Jesse's Tusco Grill.3

5Arrow R The Walking Dead20111023 October 23, 2011In the episode Bloodletting, The crystal meth found in Merle's stash of drugs is the same meth produced by Walter White in Breaking Bad.1



Malcolm in the Middle20131117 November 17, 2013Breaking Bad has an alternate ending where it all turns out to be a dream from Hal (Malcolm in the Middle).1

5Arrow R Dead Rising20131124 November 24, 2013Dead Rising 3 features a recreation of Walter White's house from Breaking Bad, including a pizza stamped on the roof and an usable hazmat suit.3

5Arrow R The Thundermans20140614 June 14, 2014The episode "Breaking Dad" from The Thundermans is named after Breaking Bad.3