This page explains in detail the interactions between the Bomberman series and the Mario series.

Sag niemals Holerö!

19981 January 1998

Bomberman5Arrow R Mario

In the Mario comic titled Sag niemals Holerö! published on the german Club Nintendo magazine, Mario has to fight an evil alien that's transforming every person on earth into food using a magical song. He, a Toad named Todojewski, T.T. from Diddy Kong Racing and Bomberman are of the only ones not to be effected by the song, as they're said to be the chosen ones to fight the alien.

Since the comic takes place in northern Europe, Bomberman is said to be from Vienna and is called Bombi. However these differences are just for storytelling reasons, so despite them, this can be considered an actual, official incarnation of Bomberman.


Being a Nintendo magazine, Club Nintendo had the right to write about not only first-party games, but also third-party games released on Nintendo consoles, so they could include elements from Hudson Soft's Bomberman in their comics.