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Blockout (also stylized as Block Out), is a series of puzzle videogames created by California Dreams, and currently owned by Kadon Enterprises.

The gameplay is basically an adaptation of Tetris on three dimensions rather than two.

While most entries in the series are abstract games, only consisting in falling shapes, the Arcade version also features a character called The Block Master, who appears to challenge the player, therefore this can be considered a fictional series.

The releases are:

  • Blockout (October 1989) for PC and Arcade, later also adapted for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Atari Lynx. An official open-source port of the game, titled Blockout II was released in 2007.
  • Blockout (October 1989), Arcade.
  • Tetris Blockout (March 1, 2008), mobile phone.
  • Blockout (2009), iOS.

Additionally the title was licensed in 2008 for a Nintendo Wii version that was never released.

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Tetris20080301 March 01, 2008Tetris Blockout is a crossover beteen the two series.1