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Blaster Master, formerly called Metafight in Japan, is a series of video games by Sunsoft. The gameplay is centered around alternating vehicular platforming with shooting sections, both in a side scrolling and an overhead mode. Only Blaster Master Jr. features a very different gameplay.

The original game is about a boy pilot named Kane Gardner, driving a versatile tank called Metal Attacker. The boy's name was changed to Jason and the vehicle to Sophia 3rd in international releases, along with some other differences in the storyline. Jason returns as the protagonist in all subsequent games, aside from Blaster Master: Blasting Again, which stars his children Roddy and Elfie, and Blaster Master Overdrive which features a storyline closer to the original Japanese game, and stars a scientist named Alex.

Seven games were released in the series:

  • Blaster Master (June 17, 1988), Famicom/NES. Called Chou Wakusei Senki Metafight in Japan.
  • Blaster Master Jr. (August 23, 1991), Game Boy. The European release of Bomber King: Scenario 2. Released in 1992 in North America as Blaster Master Boy.
  • Blaster Master 2 (March 15, 1993), Sega Genesis. Only released in North America.
  • Blaster Master: Enemy Below (February 24, 2000), Game Boy Color. A sort of remake of the original game, it's called Metafight EX in Japan. Re-released in 2011 for 3DS Virtual Console.
  • Blaster Master: Blasting Again (July 13, 2000), PlayStation. Called Blaster Master in Japan, it notably includes some elements from the Blaster Master novel. Re-released in 2011 through PSN.
  • Blaster Master: Overdrive (February 8, 2010), WiiWare. A re-imagining of the original game, it was only released in North America and Europe.
  • Blaster Master Zero (March 9, 2017), Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS. Remake of the original game, using retro-style graphics.

A novelization of Blaster Master was released in July 1990 in the Worlds of Power series.

A comic version of the game ran in the Sunsoft Game Times News newsletter in 1989.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Metroid19880617 June 17, 1988Blaster Master features enemies that look like Metroids.3

4Arrow L Xenophobe1989 1989The Xenos from Xenophobe appear in the comic version of Blaster Master.1

4Arrow L Bomber King19910823 August 23, 1991Bomber King: Scenario 2 was adapted into Blaster Master Jr.1

5Arrow R Lemmings19911218 December 18, 1991The writing "Blaster Master" appears in the level "Graffiti" in the SNES version of Lemmings.2

5Arrow R Barcode Battler19921218 December 18, 1992A Blaster Master card is included in the game Barcode World.

5Arrow R Shanghai (Sunsoft)2011 2011The Metal Attacker/Sophia the 3rd from Metafight/Blaster Master appears on Mahjong tiles in Shanghai Musume: Mahjong Girls.2

4Arrow L Azure Striker Gunvolt20170504 May 04, 2017Gunvolt is a downloadable character for Blaster Master Zero.1

4Arrow L Gal*Gun20170601 June 01, 2017Ekoro is a downloadable character for Blaster Master Zero.1


Arrow L & R

Shantae20170706 July 06, 2017Shantae is a downloadable character for Blaster Master Zero, while a free update in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero added a Sophia the 3rd transformation to Shantae's repertoire.1

4Arrow L Shovel Knight20170803 August 03, 2017Shovel Knight is a downloadable character for Blaster Master Zero.1