This page explains in detail the interactions between the Blast Corps series, the Mega Man series and the Yoshi series.

Blast Corps in Yoshis Knallkekse


Yoshi and Netty, a character from Blast Corps.

April 1997

Blast Corps6 Dash Yoshi

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In this crossover comic published on the german Club Nintendo magazine, Yoshi is driving a truck full of cookies, when he's attacked by Kamek who puts a spell on the vehicle, knocking Yoshi off while it's still going, and turning the cookies into "bang cookies". Yoshi then calls the Blast Corps for help, but they aren't able to stop the truck before it reaches a town and drops its cookies, turning insane any person who eats them. In the end they're able to stop the truck by destroying it, and with the help of Dr. Light from the Mega Man series, they make all people recover.


Being a Nintendo magazine, Club Nintendo had the right to write about not only first-party games, but also third-party games releaed on Nintendo consoles, so they could include elements from Rare's Blast Corps and Capcom's Mega Man in their comics.