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Asta, the main character of the series.


Black Clover (February 15th 2015 - present)


Black Clover (October 3rd 2017 - present)

Video games

Black Clover: Quartet Knights (September 13th 2018)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Jump Series2018082 August 2, 2018Asta is a playable character in the series.1
4Arrow L Osomatsu2019326 March 26, 2019The Matsuno sextuplets from Mr. Osomatsu make a brief cameo in Episode 76 of Black Clover.1
4Arrow L Dragon Ball2019423 April 23, 2019In Episode 80’s Petit Clover, Yami suggests Finral to have a hairstyle that resembles a Super Saiyan.3
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