This page explains in detail the interactions between the Binary Land series and the Family Basic games series.

Binary Land (Famicom version)

19851219 December 19, 1985

BinaryLand-FamilyBasic Penguin

Gurin (left) compared to the Family Basic penguin (center). On the right is the Pinball penguin, to show the difference.


Binary Land4Arrow L Family Basic

In the Famicom version of Binary Land, the main characters are changed from kids to two penguins named Gurin (male) and Malon (female), and they are designed using the sprites from Family Basic, only colored respectively green and pink rather than blue. The female one also has a bow on her head.

Note that many people believe it to be the other way around, with Family Basic using sprites from Binary Land, but it actually came out more than a year before, so it's very unlikely.

Additionally some people believe this to be originally the penguin from Pinball, but it's actually designed differently.


It's unknown precisely what license Hudson Soft got to use the sprites from Family Basic.