A Berserk

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A guts

Guts, the main character of the series

Berserk is an anime/manga series by Dark Horse.


Berserk (1989 - present)


Berserk (October 7th 1997 - March 31st 1998)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Dark Souls20110922 September 22, 2011Several elements and characters in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are inspired by the Berserk manga series.3

5Arrow R Dragon's Dogma20120522 May 22, 2012Dragon's Dogma features Guts and Griffith's armor sets from the Berserk Golden Age Arc film.1

5Arrow R Bloodborne20150324 March 24, 2015There are several references to the Berserk manga series in Bloodborne.3

5Arrow R Pop Team Epic20180107 January 07, 2018There's a minor reference to Berserk in episode 1 of Pop Team Epic.3