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Battle for Dream Island is a series created by Michael and Cary Huang about anthropomorphic objects competing for a prize. It was originally just an animated web show, but it later expanded into an indie game along with lots of commercial merchandise, so it counts as a real series. There are also some minor references to other series.


Battle for Dream Island (2010 to 2012)

Battle for Dream Island Again (2012 to 2013)

Island Dream for Battle (2016)

Battle for B.F.D.I. (2017 to present time.)


Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Mario20110301 March 01, 2011The Battle for Dream Island episodes "Vomitaco" and "Return of the Hang Glider" feature a recommended character dressed up like Mario's cap.2



Inanimate Insanity20110701 July 01, 2011In the Battle for Dream Island episode "Rescission", the entire cast of Inanimate Insanity is a recommended character by the series' creator AnimationEpic. Battle for Dream Island characters have made cameos in multiple episodes of Inanimate Insanity. "BFDI and II Finally Cross Over (L.A. MEETUP ON 6/24)" is a crossover between both series.1

4Arrow L Dora the Explorer20120825 August 25, 2012Dora from Battle for Dream Island is based off of Dora from Dora the Explorer. In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Puffball Speaker Box mentions Dora the Explorer.2

5Arrow R Greeny Phatom20130812 August 12, 2013Little Guy watches Battle for Dream Island in the Greeny Phatom episode "The Trumpet Of Duty".2