This is a summary page to explain in detail the interactions between the Barcode Battler series and some game series by Sunsoft, as they all happen in one single link. These series are: Dead Zone, Blaster Master, Hebereke, The Wing of Madoola and Gimmick! (Sunsoft).

Barcode World


The set of cards included in the game (showing only one blank card out of six)

19921218 December 18, 1992 Barcode BattlerArrow LSunsoft listed series

The Famicom game Barcode World, considered part of the Barcode Battler series, included a set of 30 exclusive cards based on some of Sunsoft most popular games (popular at least in Japan). These are: Warriors: Carrie from Dead Zone, Kane Gardner from Metafight (the japanese name for Blaster Master), Hebe and Jennifer from Hebereke; Wizards: Lucia from The Wing of Madoola, Yumetaro from Gimmick!, Oh-Chan and Sukezaemon from Hebereke. The other cards are 16 items/power-ups and 6 blank, customable cards.


The game Barcode World was delevoped by Barcode Battler's company Epoch and published by Sunsoft.

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