This page explains in detail the interactions between the Barcode Battler series and the Mario series.

Super Mario World Barcode Battler Cards

Super Mario World Barcode Battler Cards


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The Super Mario World Barcode Battler Cards is a set of 30 Super Mario World themed cards to use with the Barcode Battler II console.
It includes the characters Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Baby Yoshi, 8 item cards based on objects, moves and power-ups from the game, and 18 enemies from the game.
That's considered an in-universe link because this way characters from the Mario series can virtually fight original Barcode Battler enemies.


Barcode Battler's company, Epoch, was licensed by Nintendo to create both a Mario themed card set and a Zelda themed card set (see Barcode Battler X Zelda).
It may have been part of the agreement that allowed them to include interface capabilities with the Famicom and Super Famicom in the Barcode Battler II.