This page explains in detail the interactions between the Barcode Battler series and the J.League Excite Stage series.

J.League Excite Stage '94

19940501 May 01, 1994


Barcode Battler5Arrow R J.League Excite Stage

Jleague excite stage 94

A complete J.League Excite Stage '94 copy with the card set on the right.

The Super Famicom game J.League Excite Stage '94, known as Soccer Shootout outside of Japan, features compatibility with the Barcode Battler Interface, allowing the player to scan cards in order to select their team.

The game also includes a set of 12 exclusive cards, each one of them based on a japanese soccer team. These are: AS Fluges, Bellmare, JEF United, Jubilo Iwata, Kashima Antlers, Nagoya Grampus Eight, Nissan FC Yokohama Marinos, Panasonic Gamba Osaka, Red Diamonds, Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC, Shizumu S-Pulse and Verdy Yomuri.

These however are not meant to be used in the Barcode Battler built in game, since most of them correspond to heroes with zero energy, that instantly die. Two of them instead correspond to unusable items.

The Barcode Battler compatibility also returns in the game's sequel, J.League Excite Stage '95.


While developed by A-Max, the J.League Excite Stage series was actually published by Epoch, the same company owning the rights for the Barcode Battler, allowing them to any kind of crossover between the two.