This page explains in detail the interactions between the Balloon Fight series and the Tetris series.

Tetris DS

20060320 March 20, 2006


Balloon Fight5Arrow R Tetris

Tetris DS features six different modes, each one with themes from a different Nintendo game, and Touch Mode is the Balloon Fight-themed mode (For details about other modes see Nintendo X Tetris#Tetris DS). It features single player gameplay based exclusively on gravity, since the player starts with the tetrominos already stacked up and has to move them with the stylus to make them fall down and clear lines. The background shows the night sky with many balloons flying and the Balloon Fighters moving around.

Additionally one of the themes past Level 10 in Standard Mode is based on Balloon Fight, and precisely Level 14, with the top screen showing gameplay from versus mode, while the background of the playfield shows a still image of Balloon Trip mode, and on the right of the playfield is a sprite of the Balloon Fighter.


Tetris DS was produced by Nintendo, so they could freely include characters from their series in it.