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Ball G&W
Ball is the first game in Nintendo's Game & Watch series, and it was released on April 28, 1980. The game features two buttons to move left and right the hands of a juggler to try and keep the balls in the air. In the US it was also distributed by Mego/Time-Out as Toss-Up.

An updated version of the game was included in Game Boy Gallery, released for Game Boy on April 27, 1995, while a loyal port of the original was released in 2009 for Nintendo DSiWare.

In 2010 the game was re-released trough the Club Nintendo site, in a version identical to the original.

Ball was also included in Game & Watch Gallery 2 in two versions, "Classic" and "Modern", but only as an unlockable bonus.

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Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Game & Watch Gallery19950427 April 27, 1995Ball is playable in Game Boy Gallery and Game & Watch Gallery 2; it's also one of the "Gallery" games in Game & Watch Gallery.2

4Arrow L Mario19970927 September 27, 1997Mario the Juggler is a remake of Ball; UNDIRECT: Modern Ball within Game & Watch Gallery 2 features elements from the Mario series.

4Arrow L Wario19970927 September 27, 1997A microgame version of Ball is featured in WarioWare: Touched! UNDIRECT: Modern Ball W Mode within Game & Watch Gallery 2 features elements from Wario Land.1

5Arrow R Super Smash Bros.20011121 November 21, 2001In one of Mr. Game & Watch's moves he juggles a ball from the Game & Watch game Ball; the juggler also appears as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

5Arrow R Pikmin20040429 April 29, 2004A Ball Game & Watch console appears as an item in Pikmin 2.2