Attack on Titan

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A Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager, the main character of the series

Attack on Titan is a anime/manga series by Kodansha.


Attack on Titan (September 9th 2009 - Present)


Attack on Titan (April 6th 2013 - present)

Attack on Titan Junior High (October 4th 2015 - present)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Monster Hunter20111210 December 10, 2011Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter Frontier G feature downloadable costumes and weapons from Attack on Titan.1

5Arrow R Servant X Service2013711 July 11, 2013A titan suit appears as a cosplay in Hasebe's room3



Avengers (Marvel)20141117 November 17, 2014The Avengers fight The Titans in the 8 page comic Attack on Avengers.1



Guardians of the Galaxy20141117 November 17, 2014The Guardians of the Galaxy fight The Titans with The Avengers and Spider-Man in the 8 page comic Attack on Avengers.1



Spider-Man20141117 November 17, 2014Spider-Man fights The Titans with The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy in the 8 page comic Attack on Avengers.1

5Arrow R Sore ga seiyuu!20150714 July 14, 2015The three main character joined an audition for an animé under the name "7 colors of titan"3

5Arrow R MapleStory20150121 January 21, 2015Characters from Attack on Titan make an appearance in a themed event for MapleStory.1

5Arrow R Puzzle & Dragons20150928 September 28, 2015As part of a special collaboration event, Puzzle & Dragons featured a dungeon with creatures from Attack on Titan.1

4Arrow L Sonic (Sega)201601 January 2016The cover of Sonic Universe #82 is based on Attack on Titan.3

5Arrow R Dead or Alive20160719 July 19, 2016Dead or Alive 5 Last Round features a DLC costume set of characters from Attack on Titan and a stage featuring the eponymous titans.1

5Arrow R TERA2018515 May 15, 2018Costumes based on Attack on Titan soldiers are available on TERA.2