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A Linkara

Linkara, the main character of the series

Atop The 4th Wall or AT4W is a webseries created by Lewis Lovhaug that is about a Critic that reviews terrible comics while adding storyline with original character and such.

Web Series

Atop The 4th Wall (October 25th 2008 - Present)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Spider-Man20081025 October 25, 2008Linkara reviews Spider-Man #56.2
4Arrow L Doom's IV2008113 November 3, 2008Linkara reviews Doom's IV #2.2
4Arrow L Batman20081110 November 10, 2008Linkara reviews Batman #147.2
4Arrow L Teen Titans20081123 November 23, 2008Linkara reviews Titans #3.2
4Arrow L Sinnamon20081130 November 30, 2008Linkara reviews Sinnamon #11.2
4Arrow L US-120081206 December 06, 2008Linkara reviews US-1 #1.2
4Arrow L SCI-Spy20081206 December 06, 2008Linkara reviews SCI-Spy #1.2
4Arrow L Superman20081223 December 23, 2008Linkara reviews Superman at Earth’s End.2
4Arrow L Godzilla20090104 January 04, 2009Linkara reviews Godzilla vs Barkley.2
4Arrow L X-Men20090112 January 12, 2009Linkara reviews Uncanny X-Men #423.2
4Arrow L Star Trek20090131 January 31, 2009Linkara reviews Star Trek #1.2
4Arrow L Newman20090206 February 06, 2009Linkara reviews Newman #1.2
4Arrow L Wonder Woman20090307 March 07, 2009Linkara reviews Amazons Attack.2
4Arrow L Sultry Teenage Super Foxes20090330 March 30, 2009Linkara reviews Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #1.2
4Arrow L Watchmen20090331 March 31, 2009Linkara reviews Watchmen.2
4Arrow L Daredevil (Marvel)20090411 April 11, 2009Linkara reviews Daredevil #305.2
4Arrow L Warcraft20090504 May 04, 2009Linkara reviews World of Warcraft #2 and #3.2
4Arrow L Captain Planet20090511 May 11, 2009Linkara reviews Captain Planet #3.2
4Arrow L Wolverine20090514 May 14, 2009Linkara reviews Wolverine: Adamantium Rage.2
4Arrow L Angry Video Game Nerd20090514 May 14, 2009The Angry Video Game Nerd makes a cameo Linkara's review of Wolverine: Adamantium Rage.1
4Arrow L Youngblood20090518 May 18, 2009Linkara reviews Youngblood #1.2
4Arrow L New Guardians20090525 May 25, 2009Linkara reviews New Guardians #2.2
4Arrow L Xena20090601 June 01, 2009Linkara reviews The Marriage of Xena and Hercules.2
4Arrow L Hercules: The Legendary Journeys20090601 June 01, 2009Linkara reviews The Marriage of Xena and Hercules.2
4Arrow L Secret Defenders20090608 June 08, 2009Linkara reviews Secret Defenders #9.2
4Arrow L Countdown (DC)20090706 July 06, 2009Linkara reviews Countdown, Part 1.2
4Arrow L Cable20090803 August 03, 2009Linkara reviews Cable #1.2
4Arrow L Air Raiders20090824 August 24, 2009Linkara reviews Air Raiders #1.2
4Arrow L Zero Patrol20090907 September 07, 2009Linkara reviews Zero Patrol #1.2
4Arrow L Blood Pack20090914 September 14, 2009Linkara reviews Blood Pack #1.2
4Arrow L Silent Hill20091005 October 05, 2009Linkara reviews Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1 and #2.2
5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic20091027 October 27, 2009Linkara appears on The Nostalgia Critic's review of "Superman IV".1
4Arrow L 22 Brides20091102 November 02, 2009Linkara reviews 22 Brides #1.2
4Arrow L DOOM (Marvel)20091115 November 15, 2009Linkara reviews DOOM #1.2
4Arrow L Ultimates 320100125 January 25, 2010Linkara reviews Ultimates 3 #2 and #3.2
4Arrow L Athena (Dynamite)20100412 April 12, 2010Linkara reviews Athena #1.2
4Arrow L Justice League20100419 April 19, 2010Linkara reviews Justice League: Act of God Part 1.2
4Arrow L Freak Force20100621 June 21, 2010Linkara reviews Freak Force #1.2
4Arrow L Brutal Force20100802 August 02, 2010Linkara reviews Brutal Force #1.2
4Arrow L Super Sentai-Power Rangers20110117 January 17, 2011Linkara reviews Power Rangers: Zeo #1.2
4Arrow L Care Bears20110131 January 31, 2011Linkara reviews Care Bears #1-3.2
4Arrow L Doctor Who20110214 February 14, 2011Linkara reviews Doctor Who Classics #5.2
4Arrow L Spawn20110314 March 14, 2011Linkara reviews Spawn #1.2
4Arrow L X-Force20110321 March 21, 2011Linkara reviews X-Force #1.2
4Arrow L Nesquik201152 May 2, 2011Linkara reviews Superman meets the Nesquik Bunny.2
4Arrow L California Raisins20110510 May 10, 2011Linkara reviews California Raisins #2.2
4Arrow L James Bond20110510 May 10, 2011Linkara reviews James Bond Jr. #3.2
4Arrow L Ultimatum20110516 May 16, 2011Linkara reviews Ultimatum #1 and #2.2
4Arrow L Kamandi20110829 August 29, 2011Linkara reviews Kamandi at Earth’s End #1.2
4Arrow L Twilight Zone20110912 September 12, 2011Linkara reviews The Twilight Zone #9.2
4Arrow L Street Fighter20111026 October 26, 2011Linkara reviews Street Fighter #1.2
4Arrow L Pokémon20111031 October 31, 2011Linkara reviews Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu (HD).2
4Arrow L Fantastic Four20111114 November 14, 2011Linkara reviews Fantastic Four #1.2
4Arrow L Captain America20111128 November 28, 2011Linkara reviews Captain America Comics #1.2
4Arrow L Star Wars20120224 February 24, 2012Linkara reviews Ewoks #9.2
4Arrow L Yu-Gi-Oh20124 April 2012Linkara reviews Chapter 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh.2
4Arrow L Marville20120430 April 30, 2012Linkara reviews Marville #2.2
4Arrow L Catwoman20120820 August 20, 2012Linkara reviews Catwoman – Guardian of Gotham #1.2
4Arrow L The Simpsons20121029 October 29, 2012Linkara reviews Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #2.2
4Arrow L Hulk20121126 November 26, 2012Linkara reviews The Incredible Hulk #1.2
4Arrow L Archie20121210 December 10, 2012Linkara reviews Archie Giant Series Magazine #452.2
4Arrow L Transformers20130121 January 21, 2013Linkara reviews Transformers #31.2
4Arrow L Happy Days20130128 January 28, 2013Linkara reviews Happy Days #2.2
4Arrow L Battlestar Galactica20130723 July 23, 2013Linkara reviews Battlestar Galactica #1.2
5Arrow R The Blockbuster Buster20130905 September 05, 2013Linkara has a crossover with The Blockbuster Buster.1
4Arrow L Space Oddyssey20131028 October 28, 2013Linkara reviews 2001: A Space Oddyssey #1.2
4Arrow L The Punisher20131201 December 01, 2013Linkara reviews The Punisher: Silent Night #1.2
5Arrow R Sonic201402 February 2014Linkara makes a cameo appearance in issue 257 of Sonic the Hedgehog by Archie Comics.1
4Arrow L The A-Team20140302 March 02, 2014Linkara reviews The A-Team #1.2
4Arrow L Avengers (Marvel)20140304 March 04, 2014Linkara reviews The Avengers #200.2
4Arrow L Bill & Ted20140428 April 28, 2014Linkara reviews Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic Book #1.2
5Arrow R Littlest Pet Shop20140614 June 14, 2014Linkara makes a cameo in Littliest Pet Shop #2.1
4Arrow L Holy Terror20140630 June 30, 2014Linkara reviews Holy Terror.2
4Arrow L Lord of the Rings20141201 December 01, 2014Linkara reviews The Hobbit #1.2
4Arrow L ROM: Spaceknight20141201 December 01, 2014Linkara reviews ROM: Spaceknight #1-40.2
4Arrow L Ultimate Power2015615 June 15, 2015Linkara reviews Ultimate Power #1 and 2.2
4Arrow L JoJo's Bizarre Adventure2017821 August 21, 2017Linka reviews JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episodes 1-4.2
4Arrow L Phineas and Ferb2019121 January 21, 2019Linkara reviews Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.2
4Arrow L Megamind2020120 January 20, 2020Linkara reviews Megamind.2
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