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Arthur Read

Arthur Read, the main character of the series

Arthur is a series that started out as 2 books before it was later adapted to a TV series on PBS.


Arthur's Nose (1981)

Arthurs' Teacher Trouble (1986)


Arthur (September 2, 1996 - present)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Mister Rogers' Neighborhood19970922 September 22, 1997Arthur meets Mr. Rogers in the episode "Arthur Meets Mr. Rogers".1

4Arrow L Peanuts19990531 May 31, 1999The Arthur episode "A Long, Dull Christmas" features a minor reference to Charlie Brown and Snoopy.3

4Arrow L Mario20001224 December 24, 2000Arthur's Perfect Christmas features a reference to Super Mario Bros.

4Arrow L Harry Potter2001108 October 8, 2001Henry Screever is a parody of Harry Potter.3

4Arrow L Pokémon20011126 November 26, 2001Muffy says that she has fifty-four Dopeyman cards in a pack, in resemblance to Pokémon cards, and with one card a take on a Pikachu called "Stinkachu".3


Double Arrow R

Postcards from Buster20041011 October 11, 2004Postcards from Buster is a spin off of the Arthur series.1

4Arrow L Downtown Abbey2015126 January 26, 2015Fountain Abbey is a parody of the show Downtown Abbey.3