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Arcana, known in Japan as Card Master: Rimsalia no Fuuin, is an RPG by HAL Laboratory released for the Super Famicom/SNES on March 27, 1992.

Gameplay is in first person, based on dungeon-crawling and card collecting, with characters, enemies, magic spells and other elements all represented through cards.

The plot takes place in a land called Elemen, where a group of wizards called Card Masters having sealed away the evil Empress Rimsala; decades later the evil Galneon started a civil war and hunted down all Card Masters with the goal of bringing back Rimsala.
The game has the player control Rooks, son of the last Card Master killed during the war, who needs to learn the art of the cards to defeat Galneon and prevent the return of Rimsala.

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4Arrow L Kirby19920327 March 27, 1992Kirby makes a cameo appearance in Arcana.1