This page explains in detail the interactions between the Animal Crossing series and the Ice Climber series.

Dobutsu no Mori+

20011214 December 14, 2001

AnimalCrossing IceClimber

Ice Climber in Animal Crossing.


Animal Crossing4Arrow L Ice Climber

In Dobutsu no Mori+ the complete Famicom/NES game Ice Climber is featured as a playable mini-game, though it's normally unaccessable and was only given to players that used a service to transfer data from the Nintendo 64 version of Dobutsu no Mori to Dobotsu no Mori+ on GameCube.

It returns in international versions of Animal Crossing, where it was made available by scanning the respective e-reader card, released in the fourth series of Animal Crossing-e cards.

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