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A Stan Smith

Stan Smith, the main character of the series

American Dad! is a series on Fox and TBS.


American Dad! (February 6th 2005 - present)

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Family Guy20060427 April 27, 2006The browser game American Dad vs. Family Guy is a crossover between the two series; Stan Smith meets Stewie and Brian in Lois Kills Stewie.1

4Arrow L Street Fighter20060427 April 27, 2006Ryu from Street Fighter appears as a character in the browser game American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung-Fu II; Akiko appears dressed as Chun-Li in the American Dad! episode "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls".1

4Arrow L Donkey Kong20110213 February 13, 2011A character based on Mario can be seen in the American Dad! episode "A Piñata Named Desire", while in "School Lies" a parody of Donkey Kong can be seen; there also are other references to the game in other episodes.

4Arrow L The Cleveland Show20111002 October 02, 2011The Cleveland Show has a crossover with American Dad! in Hurricane!.1

4Arrow L Finding Nemo20111211 December 11, 2011Jeff named a orphan Nemo after the film "Finding Nemo".2

4Arrow L Pokémon20131103 November 03, 2013Steve plays with Pokémon Trading Cards in Buck, Wild.2

5Arrow R The Simpsons2014928 September 28, 2014Roger from American Dad! makes an official cameo in The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover.1

4Arrow L Care Bears2014121 December 1, 2014Stan mentions the Care Bears: Big Wish movie in the episode Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas.2