This page explains in detail the interactions between the Ace Combat series and the Pikmin series.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +

January 29, 2015 (game); July 17, 2015 (Olimar amiibo)

AceCombat amiibo Olimar


Ace Combat4Arrow L Pikmin

This remake of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy includes twelve new Nintendo-themed aircraft. One of these is F-4E <PIKMIN & OLIMAR>, themed after Pikmin and unlocked by using Olimar's amiibo from the Super Mario Bros. line. For a complete list see Nintendo aircraft in Ace Combat.

Note that since Olimar's amiibo was released after the game, this aircraft, alongside Pac-Man's secondary one, are the only two unavailable at launch.

The F-4E <PIKMIN & OLIMAR> is based on the F-4E Phantom II and it features a green theme with images of Olimar and a Yellow Pikmin on the left wing, a Blue Pikmin and a Red Pikmin on the right wing, and the series' name on the fuselage, plus flowers on the wings and on the fin. Additionally each missile fired from the <PIKMIN & OLIMAR> will cycle through red, blue, yellow, and purple missile smoke, referencing the three main Pikmin species and the Mushroom Pikmin.


In an agreement between Nintendo and Bandai Namco, Nintendo-exclusive content was included in the game.