This page explains in detail the interactions between the AR Games series and the Zelda series.

AR Games

AR Card Link

Link's AR Card.

AR games graffiti

Template selection from the AR game Graffiti.

20110226 February 26, 2011


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The Star Pics game uses the six characters cards enclosed with the console, to show 3D models of the characters represented. Each one of them has five different poses, and the player can change from one to the next by pressing the A or B button. When changing from one pose to the other, sound effects from the respective game are heard.

One the six characters is Toon Link and when he emerges from the card, the start of the item found jingle can be heard. His poses are:

  • holding his sword, in the same position as on the card;
  • walking, armed withthe sword and Hylian Shield;
  • in the item found pose, with a Red Rupee in his hand;
  • performing a sword slash;
  • holding a bomb over his head;

Additionally the Graffiti game includes an image of Link's face as one of the templates for the player to trace.


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