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3D Mania is a series of two 3D movies produced by nWave Pictures and released only in the US in 3D theaters and later on DVD. They are:

  • Encounter in the Third Dimension (March 31, 1999), also known as 3D Mania: Encounter in the Third Dimension and misspelled Encounter in the Thrid Dimension on the title screen.
  • MisAdventures in 3D (November 7, 2003), also known as MisAdventures in 3D: more 3D Mania.

The story is about a character named The Professor and his robot assistant M.A.X., who work for the Institute of 3-D Technology, trying to tell the history of 3-D film, but facing various mishaps in the meantime.

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Elvira19990331 March 31, 1999Elvira appears in the movie Encounter in the Thrid Dimension.1