This page explains the references to other series featured in 3D Dot Game Heroes in the form of Loading screens.

3D Dot Game Heroes

2009115 November 5, 2009


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3D Dot Game Heroes is a game that pays homage to classic 8-bit videogames, and among the many references, its loading screens are recreations of covers of classic videogames, using the game's characters, monsters and in general elements. Thse can be unlocked to be viewed in the "Loading Art" gallery section of the game and are (unless otherwise specified the games up to #46, Final Fantasy III, are Famicom games, while games starting from #47, Ys III are Super Famicom games; games starting with #70, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, are based on covers of western games rather than the Japanese versions):

3D Dot Game Heroes All loading screens and original box art

3D Dot Game Heroes All loading screens and original box art

Video showing all Loading Art compared to each original cover.

  1. Tower of Druaga
  2. Challenger
  3. Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
  4. Spelunker
  5. Bokosuka Wars
  6. SonSon
  7. Hydlide Special
  8. Atlantis no Nazo
  9. Dragon Quest
  10. Ghosts & Goblins
  11. Super Chinese
  12. The Return of Ishtar (MSX)
  13. Solomon's Key
  14. Adventure Island
  15. King's Knight
  16. Commando
  17. The Wing of Madoola
  18. Dragon Quest II
  19. Pocket Zaurus: Ju Ouken no Nazo
  20. Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken
  21. Rygar
  22. Athena
  23. Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu
  24. Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei II
  25. Ultima III: Exodus
  26. Final Fantasy
  27. Metal Gear
  28. Wizardry
  29. Dragon Quest III
  30. Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker
  31. The Quest of Ki
  32. Taiyou no Shinden Asteka
  33. King of Kings
  34. Ninja Gaiden
  35. Final Fantasy II
  36. Tetris
  37. Mega Man 2
  38. Space Harrier
  39. Hydlide 3
  40. Dragon Buster II
  41. Super Chinese 2
  42. Tenkaichi Bushi Keru Naguru
  43. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
  44. Dragon Quest IV
  45. Ninja Gaiden II
  46. Final Fantasy III
  47. Ys III
  48. Final Fantasy IV
  49. Ultima VI: The False Prophet
  50. Street Fighter II
  51. Dragon Quest V
  52. Shin Megami Tensei II
  53. Castlevania (Famicom Disk System)
  54. Ogre Battle
  55. Torneko no Daiboken: Fushigi no Dungeon
  56. Ys IV
  57. Illusion of Gaia
  58. Super Puyo Puyo
  59. The Blue Crystal Rod
  60. Power Instinct
  61. Final Fantasy V
  62. Chrono Trigger
  63. Seiken Densetsu 3
  64. Tactics Ogre
  65. Dragon Quest VI
  66. Ys V
  67. Bahamut Lagoon
  68. Chaos Seed
  69. Ys V Expert
  70. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES)
  71. Chrono Trigger (SNES)
  72. Tactics Ogre (PlayStation)
  73. Spelunker (NES)
  74. Lemmings (NES)
  75. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
  76. Jaws (NES)
  77. Populous (PC)
  78. Doom (PC)
  79. Myst (PC)
  80. Wolfenstein 3D (PC)
  81. Secret of Mana (SNES)
  82. Chrono Cross (PlayStation)
  83. Vagrant Story (PlayStation)
  84. Dragon Warrior (NES)
  85. Dragon Warrior II (NES)
  86. Solomon's Key (NES)
  87. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)
  88. Clu Clu Land (NES)
  89. Ultima (PC)
  90. Another World (PC)
  91. Akalabeth: World of Doom (PC)
  92. Might and Magic VI (PC)
  93. Dungeon Master (PC)
  94. The Goonies II (NES)
  95. Spy vs. Spy (PC)
  96. Mystery House (PC)
  97. Maze War (PC)
  98. Final Fantasy III (SNES release of Final Fantasy VI)
  99. Samurai Showdown (Neo-Geo)
  100. Contra (NES)
  101. Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (NES)
  102. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES)
  103. Hydlide (NES)
  104. Street Fighter 2 (SNES)
  105. Thief: The Dark Project (PC)


The creators of 3D Dot Game Heroes held no right over any of the other series, but they only included minor references to them.