This page explains in detail the interactions between the 1080° series and the Mario series.

1080°: Avalanche

1080avalanche 8-bit-soul

The 8-bit Soul board.

20031128 November 28, 2003


1080°4Arrow L Mario

Ricky Winterborn's "8-Bit Soul" board features a sprite of Mario taken from Super Mario Bros. 3. Ironically, despite the name the sprite is actually from the 16-bit remake in Super Mario All-Stars. The board is unlocked by collecting 9 Time Trial coins, while collecting all 18 coins unloks an alternate version of the board featuring a sprite of Luigi.

1080avalanche mario-ice

Mario's ice sculpture in 1080°: Avalanche.

Additionally, at the end of the Angel Light: Midnight City course there's a giant ice sculpture of Mario in a victory pose.

The game also features other minor references to the Mario series, specifically there's an unlockable bonus board shaped like an NES controller which makes noises from Super Mario Bros. 3 while jumping and while landing. Finally, some of the standard high scores spell out words, when putting together the 1st, 2nd and 3rd high score for each course. Among these are:

  • Frozen Melee: Wi's Thicket (Gate Challenge) - HRE-WE -GO , referencing one of Mario's catchprases "Here we go!"
  • Easy Life: Evolution Riff (Time Trial) - MAR-IO -BRO, standing for "Mario Bros."
  • Ride Easy Railways: Dazzlin' Teaser (Time Trial) - BOW-SER-RLZ, standing for "Bowser rules"


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